Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Into the Computer age!

Imagine that! Me, with a blog! Well, I'm still very new at this but it's time to spread my wings, dust the cobwebs in my mind and BLOG!

Today, my lovely Alicia has decided she is sick. I think it's more like she misses her dad and wants to indulge in it for a day. Can I really blame her? No! I spent the last week indulging in my sadness. The love of my life, Herbert is driving a truck. He's in Kansas today. He has served 18 long years in the military and they have decided he needs to be medically retired. So, shock of shocks, that's what happened! We are still dealing with it and trying to jump into a new profession before the pay runs out. But, the Lord has blessed us with this chance. A chance to grow and im prove as Herbert, temporarily does what needs to be done until he can quit and go back to school.

The picture on the left is the newest photo of me. The one on the left, me a year and a half ago. I've lost almost 100 pounds! It feels good. See, BIG CHANGE, HUH!